Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Devotion 6: Repentance

Devotion: Mark 6:12

"They went out and preached that men should repent."

The purpose of repentance is to make himself fit to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, that when the it arrives, one is not put out (Revelation 22:15).

It is God's desire that men inhabit and rule in His Kingdom; men are to be co-rulers with Christ of all the Created Order. However, the success of Heaven's peaceable rule is not guaranteed if men enter the Kingdom who have not today repented, if they do not today - now! - prepare their heart and life for the culture of Heaven.

A person will enter the final destiny for which he now lives, their future destiny is marked out for them today whether they have lived as friends of this earthly system against God or in protest against it. The set of the heart and the lifestyle embraced today will determine the world one will rise to inherit at his death. 

Therefore, today repent precisely because there is a Kingdom of Heaven that will soon arrive, breaking forth in divine power like the lightening that, in a split second, cuts in half oak trees down to the roots. When that Kingdom comes, it will not in any way tolerate wicked men. The guards standing at the Gates of the Kingdom of Heaven will take into consideration the state of the heart and it will frisk the life before allowing anyone to enter in.

If the heart and life surveyed has not been lived according to the revelation of God in Christ on earth today, it will certainly not be admitted into the Kingdom of Heaven tomorrow.

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