Monday, January 23, 2017

Devotion 9: In Whom God Delights

Devotion 9: Those in Whom God Delights

"You are not a god who delights in evil”
Psalm 5:5a

If we think saying we’re "Christian" will win God's favor while, at the same time, we live as we please, participating in acts that not only are injurious to ourselves and others, but also dishonor God, we just might come to a big disappointment in the end.

God delights neither in evil nor in a wicked person regardless of their political stance, their devotion to the "American" ideals, their own claims to being or acting “righteous.”  God’s not concerned what one’s voting record looks like, whether they voted Republican or Democrat, whether they voted for "righteousness" sake either to stop abortion or obtain civil rights for the LBGTQ community.

To call one’s self a "Christian" makes no matter if they're in a place of disobedience or possess a self-righteous mind.  Wearing the "conservative" or "liberal" button on one’s lapel does not help gain God's favor, nor does it forfeit God's favor. To be a conservative is no less or more a claim to be Christian than to be a liberal, and vice-versa.  God delights in neither a political party or ideal.

God delights in the person whose moral character reflects that of His Son, Jesus Christ.

For whom you voted may impress fellow ideologues but it does not impress God. For whom you voted may built up your own self-esteem but it counts for nothing regarding how God esteems you. God is not impressed when you pray to Him as a Democrat or Republican. That you protest against this or that or defend this or that political person or point of view is not how God determines who is following Him or wins His favor.

It is following Christ that God determines who is following Him. One can be in the right, yet not be a follower of Christ. It is not whether you are in the right but whether you are walking in the right that delights God.

It is the righteous who are blessed. And righteousness is not a matter of loving God first and loving others second, as some are taught; but it is loving God and man simultaneously. And it is in loving God and our fellow man in a manner that deems them to be more important than ourselves that one is loving God with all one's heart, strength, soul, and mind.

It is those who walk with a clear conscience before God, whose actions towards others, even their enemies, are blameless before God and their fellow-man.

God's aim is not to make America great but, if anything, to make the people of America - black and white, native-american and immigrant, Gentile and Jew - holy.

"For you, Lord, bless the righteous"

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