Thursday, January 19, 2017

Devotion 7: Faith Nags and Pulls

Devotion: Psalm 63:1-4

"...I body soul thirsts...
I look to see your power and your glory."

The Christ-follower possesses the deep-seated awareness that there is a missing element in his faith that nags and pulls on him, almost like the way a leash pulls the dog to it's owner. It is the intense desire for the actual Presence of Christ, the constant longing to hear audibly His Voice, the thirsty demand to stand before the reality of his Person, to see, hear, feel, and touch the One who has captured his heart.

There is no greater desire within the Christian than this, all that he does is done in the ebspectstion of it culminating in the fulfillment of this Desire, that Desire wherein all other desires are caught up and absorbed in; that ardent longing for Him who has been gone too long to return, to rule, to cease all wars, to banish all pain, to release us from every hurt, to make the enemy take flight, to banish Leviathan forever, and to make right all that is wrong in this world.

The heart's constant embrace is to sing, "Come, Lord Jesus! Come!"

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