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Review: Renewal Theology: Salvation, the Holy Spirit, and Christian Living

Renewal Theology: Salvation, the Holy Spirit, and Christian Living Renewal Theology: Salvation, the Holy Spirit, and Christian Living by J. Rodman Williams
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Williams continues the plain, clear, non-controversial discussion of theology systematically covering salvation, the Holy Spirit, and Christian Living. Again, as I stated in my review of volume 1, this is a great beginner book on theology for someone seeking to understand Biblical concepts without fussing and trying to sort through various competing theologies and high-sounding doctrinal positions.

But, more than that, this volume offers the charismatic perspective, which would do well for any Christian to read and gain a balanced insight and understanding into the various types, modes of operation, personal applications, and the differences between what is meant by "spiritual gifts" as opposed to "natural talents." This is a must read for anyone unsure about the pentecostal/charismatic view or is just plain against it (cessationist) who is ready for the challenge to his uninformed or preconceived notions about the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts.

He also provides clarity to issues like regeneration, justification and sanctification without going beyond what the Bibles reveals, without countering opposing views, and without philosophical argumentation, delving lightly into controversial topics in a non-confrontational tone like the security of salvation and the possibility of apostasy.

Let me be clear, if one is looking for a book to discuss all the varieties of doctrinal beliefs and theological views, this is not the book. It's purpose is to teach what the Bible teaches and lead readers "more deeply into the truths that He alone can reveal" through the plain exposition of Scripture in a systematized fashion without cluttering or obstructing it with differing points of doctrinal opinions.

The new Christian seeking understanding to gain a better grasp of God's purposes for his life, the old Christian seeking to trod again the "old paths" and regain the simplicity of following Christ, both will benefit from reading and re-reading "Renewal Theology," vol.2.

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