Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Have Seen an Evil

I did not think I would be a personal witness to something, which I can only describe as evil. I have seen a 96 year-old widow forcibly removed from her home against her will, coerced into signing her bank account away under false pretenses, deceived into moving in with those whose only desire was her social security check, and all this plus more done by her own children. I have seen this evil and was powerless to defend her as the Bible commands. Having taken everything from her, especially her home that she called a palace, this once robust woman who would cook, dance, and sing, deteriorated quickly and, within two years, she died.

I did not think I would ever come across such evil or into contact with children who have acted in such an evil - dare I say, demonized - way towards their own mother. It is an evil I cannot understand or forget. It is a reminder of how far one can fall.

How is it that such an evil can be done and yet not be seen for what it is? What has become of morality when good is called evil and evil is called good? When did a child's compassion turn into self-centeredness so much so that mothers are abused and taken advantage of for the little wealth they possess? What has become of piety and charity when such things are done by those who claim to be religious and church-goers, and those others who claim to be ardent followers of Christ?

How this could be only one's own heart can say.

Jesus Christ called out her name. She opened her eyes, smiled, and went peacefully to that place where angels and saints joyfully dance to the music of divine Presence.

This woman, whose children have failed her miserably, has now what she was here denied - her palace. Jesus said, "In my house are many mansions". What was stolen from her on earth is the more abundantly returned to her in Heaven, in Yahweh's wonderful Presence. And this knowledge is my consolation in the face of evil.

I am convinced that the sufferings experienced here are nothing to be compared with the glory of Jesus Christ that waits for us in the Kingdom of Heaven. And I am also convinced that Mom is now convinced of this truth.

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